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Bussiness 閱讀力養成--第二發

Against a backdrop of vanishing paychecks and dwindling savings, despair and depression are rampant, according to a study released on Sept. 3 by the John J. Heldrich Center for Workforce Development at Rutgers, the State University of New Jersey. The study, The Anguish of Unemployment, is one of the first and most comprehensive of its kind, according to its authors, who say they sought to produce a representative view of unemployed workers' attitudes. The report was conducted through surveys of 1,200 people who are currently unemployed or have been in the past 12 months. The BLS reported last month that the number of people who had been unemployed for 27 weeks or longer rose by 584,000 in July to 5 million, the highest level since 1948 when the data were first collected.

Overwhelming majorities of the survey's respondents said they feel or have experienced anxiety, helplessness, depression, and stress after being without a job. Many said they've experienced sleeping problems and strained relationships and have avoided social situations as a result of their job loss. Still others described diminished hopes of finding employment at older ages, and feelings that advanced degrees are useless or have caused potential employers to think they're overqualified. Some said they have questioned their self-identity after they had allowed their professional careers to define them, and some reported difficulty finding credit to begin new businesses.


1. impact   n./v  影響 + on   The incident made a great impact on the investors.
2. depression  n. 沮喪 / 蕭條  depress v. 使沮喪   depressed adj. 感到沮喪的  
3. anxiety  n.  焦慮     anxious adj. 焦慮的 + about/for/at
4. backdrop n. 背景
5. paycheck n. 付薪水的支票
   savings n. 存款
6. despair  n. /v. 絕望   in despair  處於絕望之中 
7. comprehensive adj. 廣泛的/綜合的    comprehensible adj.   可理解的       comprehend v.   理解      comprehension n. 理解, 包含
8. attitude n. 態度

9. conduct v.    引導,實施  n. 行為                  
10. survey n.   調查,民意調查
11. majority n.     大多數    <--> minority n. 少數,弱勢
12. respondent adj.  應答的, n. 應答者
13.  stress n. 壓力   

14. advanced adj. 進階的    advanced degree ph.
15. potential   adj/n.   潛在的/ 潛力 (U)
16. self-identity  n.  (自我身份)認同
17. overqualified  adj.
超過合格之最低要求--> 條件太好
18. define  v.  下定義            definition n.  定義              

1. according to a survey released by XXX      根據由XXX發表的調查
2. a representative view of~ 一個~代表性的觀點
3. as a result of ~
4. allow ... to Vr    允許...去做...