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Business 閱讀力養成--第三發

Shortly after moving to Las Vegas from San Francisco in 2004, Zappos received a call from the FBI’s local field office. “They were asking us if they could access our photo archive,” says development director Brent Cromley. Turned out the online shoe retailer obsessively shoots each model it sells from seven vantage points, resulting in the largest image database of shoe soles on earth—an invaluable tool for Feds tracking criminals. It also allowed Zappos to do what it does best: combine far-reaching service and the focused application of technology to win another happy customer.

     Zappos has made a habit of going to extremes. It gives free shipping on all purchases. It has a 365-day return policy, and new employees are actually offered a $2,000 bonus to quit after a four-week paid training program. “It’s best to know early on if an employee doesn’t buy into the vision or the culture,” says CEO Tony Hsieh. “It just makes economic sense” .



1. retail company     ph. 零售公司
2. set an example   ph. 樹立榜樣
3. archive n. 資料庫
4. turn out  ph.  結果是,  證明是   
5. obsessively  adv. 著迷地
6. vantage n. 優勢
    vantage point  ph. 有利位置--> 在這篇文章裡是指拍攝的位置等
7. result in  ph.  導致,結果是      vs. result from 產生;起因於
8. shoe sole  n.  鞋底
9. invaluable adj. 非常貴重的,無價的           valueless <-- valuable adj. 有價值的--> invaluable
10. track  v. 追蹤
11. combine  v. 結合    
combine A with B
12. far-reaching adj. 深遠的
13. focused  adj. 集中精力的,專注的
14. application  n. 應用, 運用 + to/ of~
15. make a habit of~  養成...的習慣
16. go to extremes 走極端
17. return policy   更換條款
18. buy into~相信